How to upload your products

Once you log into the Blender Market you can access your user menu, in the top right corner of the site. From your user menu, you can check your Creator Dashboard, click on your Manage Products tab in the top right-hand corner of the product window click the Add Product Button.

Adding a New Product

When you click the Add Product button, you will be taken to the new product submission form. From here it's pretty straightforward, simply follow the steps to completing your product upload, upload your product images, product files and fill out any FAQs or documentation that is needed and then click Submit.

After submitting your product it will be added to our review queue. We will work to review it as quickly as we can and we will notify you (via your Inbox) of any necessary changes. Once it has passed inspection the product will be approved for sale on the Market.

Image Rules

When creating your images for your products there are a few things that you need to know. 
Images use a 2:1 ratio, we suggest an image size no smaller than 800x400. This is a good size for all of your product images.

The best approach is to use a 2-to-1 aspect ratio on images.

Image Overlays

You can add image overlays to your secondary images so long as they are intended to better present the product. Overlays should not be treated as branding, watermarks, or anything else of the sort. Overlays on featured images are discouraged but will be permitted in some cases.

No overlays are allowed along the bottom 3rd of the image, so as to ensure there's no conflict with the price title if the product is featured.

Product Compression

You need to compress your products for upload to the market. We allow two compression softwares on the site Zip files and 7z files. Most OS have some sort of zip application in them. 
7z offers a superior compression ratio, there are many different 7z applications online. For OSX we recommend Keka. For windows we suggest Peazip. But there are many others that work just fine

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