Working with Collaborators on Products

If you're working with a team or otherwise wish to split your product earnings between multiple people, you may do this by adding one or more collaborators to your product. 

How to Split Payments Between Collaborators

You may add a collaborator while uploading or editing your product. 

  1. Navigate to Step 6 in your product editing view, Collaborators & Dev-Fund
  2. Uncheck the No thanks box.
  3. Use the Collaborating market creator dropdown to select the creator with whom you would like to split your commission. Adding collaborators to a product
  4. Adjust the slider to change the percentage of your commission that you would like your collaborator to receive.

Note: To add multiple collaborators, just click the Add Collaborator button as many times as you need to. To remove a collaborator, just click the black-and-white X next to the collaborator's commission percentage.

Who Can You Select as a Collaborator?

Each collaborator must have a Blender Market account, be a registered and approved creator, and have a valid PayPal account. If they are not in the Collaborating market creator dropdown menu, they have not met these conditions.

How Are Collaborator Earnings Calculated and Paid?

The commission for each collaborator is calculated as a percentage of your Initial Commission. That is, the amount that you will be paid after your commission rate has been applied and taxes and fees have been subtracted from your commission. You can learn how commissions are calculated here

Collaborators will receive their payouts at the same time that you do. You and your collaborator(s) will each receive an email when sales are made.

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