How Your Commission Earnings Are Calculated

Want to know how we calculate what you get paid each time a customer purchases your product? Take a look.

Each time you sell a product, we record a commission for you, based on your commission rate at the time of the sale. The default commission rate is 70%, unless you have a Blender Market subscription, in which case your commission rate may be as high as 95%. Here's a quick reference chart:

Free Basic Pro Ultimate
Commission Rate 70% 80% 85% 95%
Transaction Fee $0.38 $0.38 $0.38 $0.38
Merchant Fee 4.5% 4.0% 3.5% 3.0%

Initial Commission Formula

The formula to calculate your earning is this: 

(price - (price * merchant_fee) - transaction_fee) * commission_rate = initial commission 

So, if you are on the Free plan and selling a product for $20, your initial commission calculation would look like this:

(20 - (20 * .04) - 0.38) * 0.70 = $13.17

In this case, your initial commission would be $13.17.

Sharing Your Initial Commission

If you are contributing a portion of your earnings to the Blender Development Fund or to Collaborators, those percentages will be calculated as a percentage of your initial commission

Your final commission after you have made a 5% Dev-Fund contribution, for example, would be calculated like this (based off of the formula in the last section):

initial commission - (initial commission * 0.05) = final commission

Let's say that we add a 10% Dev-Fund contribution to the $20 product on a Free plan that we calculated the $13.30 initial commission for above. Here's how we would calculate the new final commission:

13.17 - (13.17 * 0.10) = $11.86

In this example, $1.31 would go to the Dev-Fund and $11.86 would go to you, the creator.

The same calculation applies for each Collaborator that you add—their earnings will be subtracted from your initial commission.

Your commissions are then added up each month and paid out via your chosen payout method. Read more here.

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