How to Write Good Documentation

One of the things we require you to do when you're a vendor is create documentation for your products. Depending on the type of product you have this can differ immensely. But there are some good general rules that you can follow to make sure your documentation helps customers and gets past admin moderation.

Every Product Needs Documentation

Regardless if you have a super advanced addon or a single simple model, every product on the Blender Market needs to have some sort of documentation. Lets take a look at some good practices when creating documentation for different types of products.

Model Documentation

Some things to put into a simple model documentation:

  • How to append/link the model, is it a group or a object?
  • How to interact with your models materials?
  • How are the modifiers setup, how can a customer interact with them?
  • If there are multiple layers, what are on those layers?

 Some examples of good product documentation

Addon Documentation

Addon documentation will really run the gamut of what you can/should include, and while we strongly encourage the creation of PDF, video, and tutorials, you also have to keep in mind that some customers might also want/need a written explanation on how your products work. Ideally we would love to see you create both a video showing customers how to use your product and then also do a transcribe version with images for the site and also to package as a pdf to add with the addon files.

Shader/Material Documentation

Shaders and materials like all other products on the Blender Market should have thorough documentation on how to use the materials, shaders and/or nodes that have been used to create the product.

Some examples of good shader/material documentation

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