How to Add Variations to Your Product

Do you want to sell different variations of the same product at different prices? This could be, for example, Basic and Pro versions of a product, product variations suited to different versions of Blender, or maybe more or less complete material or shader packs. This brief article will explain how to prep your product variations.  

How to Add Product Variations

Step 1: Edit Your Product

From the Products tab in the Creator Dashboard, click the black Edit button for the product to which you would like to add one or more variations. If you are adding variations during the product upload process (i.e., prior to saving the draft), you can skip this step.

Step 2: Enable Product Variations

Next, navigate to the Software Version, Files, Variations, & License panel. Uncheck the No thanks checkbox next to "Add product pricing variation?". Once you have unchecked that box, an Add Pricing Variant button will appear. Click on it to add a pricing variant. For each product variation that you plan to create, just click the Add Pricing Variant button and a new variant input box will appear.

Step 3: Add Pricing Variant(s)

Specify a title, price, and brief description for the product variant. Then click the  Add Download button to select the file that your customer will receive if they purchase this product variation. If you need to include multiple files, just click the Add Download button as many times as necessary. If you need to remove any files or variations, just click the X to the right of the file or variation. 

Not seeing any files when you click the Add Downloads for Variant dropdown? Make sure that you have already added files to your product and saved the draft (or the published product) before starting this step. Unless files are actively attached to your product, you will be unable to select them from the Add Downloads for Variant dropdown menu.

Step 4: Publish Your Variant(s)

Once you're ready to offer the variant(s) up for sale, simply change the Variant Status to Published. If you ever need to remove a variant after-the-fact (i.e., after a purchase has been made), change the variant's status to Disabled. This setting will prevent new purchases from being made, but customers who have already purchased the variant will still be able to download it.

What Your Customers Will See

Once you have published your product variations, customers will be able to select which of the variations they would like to purchase. Variations will appear on your product page in the same order that you see them in your product editing panel.

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