How to Upload Your Products

You're ready to upload and sell your products. This quick guide will show you how.

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  1. Step 1: Navigating to the Product Tab
  2. Step 2: Adding a New Product
    1. Featured Image and Gallery Images
    2. Demo Video, Categories, & Tags
    3. Software Version, Files, Variations, & License
    4. Documentation & FAQs
    5. Collaborators & Dev-Fund
  3. Step 3: Submitting Your Product for Review

Step 1: Navigating to the Product Tab in the Creator Dashboard

Once you log into Blender Market, hover your mouse over your profile image in the top right corner of the homepage. Your user menu will pop up and from that menu, select Add New Product. This will take you straight to the New Product page in your Creator Dashboard. You can also navigate to this page by clicking on Creator Dashboard > Products tab > and clicking on the New Product button at the top right.

Step 2: Adding a New Product

Now that you are looking at the new product submission form, it's pretty straightforward. First, fill in the Primary Information. Once you have done that, click the Add Imagery button at the bottom right of the form. After pressing that button, you will be presented with several drop-down forms that allow you to flesh out all of the details about your product. Expand each of the sections and fill in your product information. When a section is completed, the small circle next to the section title will turn green.

The column to the right of the product information allows you to select a publication time, in the event that your product is approved, and displays the sale price, commission rates, and fees for your product, as well as the income that you can expect to earn from each sale of that product. 

Note: The commission rate and fees displayed in the earnings box will vary according to your subscription level. To learn more about subscriptions and their reduced commission rates and fees, check out our subscription Pricing page.

Featured Image & Gallery Images

Featured Image Guidelines

Your featured image is the first thing that prospective customers will see, so take your time to create an interesting, high-quality featured image for your product. 

When creating and uploading a product Featured Image, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, your images should have a 2:1 ratio, and we recommend an image size  no smaller than 800px x 400px. The ideal size for your image is 1200px x 600px.

Your Featured Image must also be  <5MB in size, and should be JPG format. Overlays on featured images are discouraged but will be permitted in some cases. 

Want to learn more about how to create eye-catching Featured Images? Read Creating Good Featured Images on the Blender Market Blog.

Add Product Images Guidelines

You must add at least one additional product image. We recommend adding 4–6 product images. These images are an opportunity to present a new view of your product, demonstrate its functionality, or show it in action. They will appear at the top of your product page and will be the first things that customers see once they have clicked on your product.

You can add image overlays to your product images so long as they are intended to better present the product. Overlays should not be used for branding, adding watermarks, or anything else of the sort. 

Demo Video, Categories, & Tags

This section of the product form allows you to add media, in the form of YouTube videos or WebGL URLs, and increase the discoverability of your product. Choose Categories and Tags that are relevant to your product and that will help customers find your product when they are searching for something like it.

Software Version, Files, Variations, & License

Add Files

You need to compress your products for upload to Blender Market. We allow two compression formats on the site: Zip and 7z

7z offers a superior compression ratio; there are many different 7z applications online. 

Most OS have some sort of built-in zip application. For OSX, we recommend Keka and for Windows we suggest Peazip, but there are many others that work just fine.

Choosing a License

For more information on licensing options, take a look at the relevant article(s):

Add Product Pricing Variation

For more information on adding product pricing variations, read Adding Variations to Your Product.

Documentation & FAQ's

The documentation that you write up will be visible to all potential customers, right from your product's main page. This documentation may be a deciding factor in a customer's decision to purchase your product, so take your time to write it well.

Want to improve your documentation game? Check out How to Write Good Documentation for some tips.

FAQ's are your chance to alleviate possible support questions by providing a list of frequently asked questions about your product.

Collaborators & Dev-Fund

If you worked on a product with a collaborator, you can add them as a Collaborating Market Creator and select the commission rate that they are to receive from the product. To add multiple collaborators, just click the Add Collaborator button as many times as you need to.

You may choose to contribute a portion of your earnings to the Blender Development Fund. This helps support further Blender development. The contribution percentage is based on your commission after fees. You may contribute up to 100% of your earnings.

Step 3: Submitting Your Product for Review

When you have filled in all of the required information, a Submit for Review toggle switch will appear above the Save Draft button. When you are ready to submit your product for review, toggle the switch to Yes. A pop-up will appear that explains the process and asks you to confirm that you want to submit the product for review.

After you have submitted your product, it will be added to our review queue. We will work to review it as quickly as we can and we will notify you (via your Inbox) of any necessary changes. Once it has passed inspection, the product will be approved for sale on BlenderMarket.

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