How to Get Your Product Featured

Every week the Blender Market team highlights Popular Products, Staff Picked Creations, and New Arrivals. This brief article provides some information on how we select these featured products, and how you can increase your chances of your product being featured. 

Keep in mind: These are guidelines and not guarantees. Regardless of whether or not your product is ultimately featured, the suggestions in this article will help improve the discoverability and presentation of your products, both of which are key factors in increasing sales.

How we select featured products

Popular Creations this week are the eight products with the top sales over the past 7 days. The way to get into this gallery is to have a best-selling product.

Two Staff Picked Creations are hand-selected on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from new product submissions and, in some cases, products that have been on Blender Market for a little while. Look at the next section of this post for tips on how to improve your odds of being selected for this gallery.

The New Arrivals gallery shows the 8 most recent products added to Blender Market. Once your product is approved, it will appear in this gallery. Make sure it looks great for its moment in the spotlight!

Tips to increase your chances of being featured

You will definitely be featured in New Arrivals, so don't worry too much about that one. Appearing in Staff Picked and Popular Creations galleries takes a little more work, though. Here are some tips for success.

  • Make an awesome product! What makes a product awesome? Maybe it solves an important problem. Maybe it solves a problem better than other similar products. Maybe it solves a problem we didn't know we had. Maybe it is just unique or unusual or really, really cool.
  • Use a really great featured image. You could have an excellent product, but if the featured image is blah, it will not be selected for the Staff Picked Creations gallery.
  • Present your product well. Here are some solid tips.
  • Get the word out about your product. The more people know about your product, the more people will purchase it, increasing the odds that your product will make it to the Popular Creations gallery. Increased exposure may also help it find its way into Staff Picked Creations. Check out How to Reach New Customers and Marketing Strategies for more information on how to get the word out.

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