Marketing Strategies

Looking for ways to get the word out about your products? Look no further. We have some tips and strategies to help increase your products' exposure.

First Things First

First, you want to know who your customers are—not necessarily the individual people, but the groups or types of people buying your products. Is it studios or high-end creators? Or people who are just getting started on their Blender journeys? People focused on video game production, or people creating 2D renders? What are their needs, why do they buy your product, and what sorts of words, images, or hashtags might catch their eye? Think about their motivations—what problem(s) your product solves for them and why they would want your product to solve that problem—and you can begin to figure out the who, what, and where of your marketing strategy.

Next, determine how you are going to gauge the success of your efforts. Do you want to see an increase in the number of product views? The number of sales? Your conversion rate? Make a note of where you are now on the factors that you want to track and keep an eye on how they change as you start to make a concerted marketing effort.

Learn more about Using Blender Market Report Data to Make Decisions.

Share Your Product on Social Media

Social media has proven itself to be an excellent marketing tool. Use it to develop your brand, get the word out about your products, and establish relationships with potential customers, other professionals in the field, and product influencers.

Read How to Reach New Customers for more tips on using social media.

Show Rather Than Tell

You could just tell people about your product and how great it is, but a more effective approach is to show it in action and help potential customers visualize how they could make it work for them. Beauty renders, gifs, and videos are good ways to achieve this.

Leverage the Power of Affiliates

The Internet is too vast a place to ever be able to reach all of your potential customers singlehandedly. Get a little help from fellow Blender Market users! Affiliates will spread the word about your product and send customers your way in exchange for a percentage (determined by you) of your profit on completed sales that they referred to you.

Take a look at the Guide to Using Affiliate Marketing on Blender Market to get started. 

Run Promotions or Contests

If you're looking to build up or revive interest in your products, promotions and contests can be good ways to achieve your goal. Promotions give customers an incentive to purchase your product, while contests give customers an opportunity to engage with you and imagine how your product would fit into their 3D lives. In some cases, even if a customer does not win your contest (and the product that you have offered up), they might still buy your product because they have spent enough time thinking about how it would be useful to them. 

Both promotions and contests open the door to customers who might not otherwise have seen or been looking at your products.

Offer Review Copies of Your Product

Looking to improve your product's visibility and get some reviews up on your Product Page? Consider offering one or more review copies of your products to other Blender Market users. Just contact us with the email address of the product recipient(s) and let us know that you want to send review copies.

Just remember: be strategic about who you select to review your products. Sending a cloth add-on to somebody who only does hard-surface modeling will likely result in disappointment: 

  • First, your product may never be used or reviewed because it never enters into your reviewer's regular workflow.
  • Second, potential customers looking at your product's review may be skeptical about the reliability of a review coming from someone whose work doesn't seem to ever involve your product.

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