How to Increase Sales

Are your product sales not living up to your expectations? We've all been in your position at one point or another. The trick to moving past it and increasing sales is to be proactive about presenting your product more effectively, ensuring that it is appropriately priced, and introducing it to more customers. With thousands of great products on Blender Market, it is not enough to just upload your product and hope that somebody finds it.

Note: A key part of improving is recognizing the things that one can do better. This article requires you to identify things that you are not doing as well as you could, which may be an uncomfortable exercise. Just remember: you've already got a great product—once you get all the kinks worked out of presentation and marketing, you'll be well on your way. ;)

Present Your Product Effectively

Product presentation is easily one of the most important aspects of selling a product. Take a good, hard look at your product presentation. Does it tell customers everything they need to know about your product? Does it look hastily put together or well thought out? Are your images descriptive and attractive or generic and badly composed? Do you have more than one image? Is the text easy to read? Is the text organized in such a way that it's easy to tell where to find particular information?

Your customers' first impression of your product comes from what they see either on the Blender Market search page or your product page. To ensure that their first impression is a good one, keep your images and layout harmonious and eye-catching. Also, pay attention to your spelling and grammar. Getting these details right will create more trust in both you, as a Creator, and your product.

For more detailed information on effective product presentation, check out How to Present Your Products Successfully.

Price Your Product Appropriately

Establishing a price for your product can be tricky. It could be that the price you have chosen is too high or too low. Before you do anything else, take a look at other similar products and see how they are priced. Are you in that range? What does or does not differentiate your product from those other products? Is your product priced substantially higher or lower than products that offer the same features?

If your product presentation is good, consider adjusting your product price up or down. With each new product price that you try, give it a few weeks to test whether the change makes a difference in your sales.

To get some tips on how to price your products, read Pricing Your Products Effectively.

Get the Word Out About Your Product

The final key to increasing sales is letting people know about your product. Have you mentioned it regularly on social media or submitted an announcement about it to a 3D news site like BlenderNation? Have you made projects using it and posted them (along with shout-outs to your product) on art sites like ArtStation or Blenderartists? Have you leveraged the power of affiliates to reach potential customers?

The Blender Market product search displays newest products first by default, but with dozens of products uploaded daily, the amount of time that your product spends on that first search page may not be very long. Take promotion into your own hands and use all the available channels to get the word out about your product and how great it is.

Take a look at How to Reach New Customers for advice on getting the word out about your product.
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