How to Add New Affiliates to Your Products

Are you interested in driving more potential customers to your products and looking to affiliates to help refer those customers? If you are, this article will help you set up and manage affiliates. 

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Step 1: Navigate to the Affiliate Section of Your Creator Dashboard

First, you want to find the Affiliate section of your Creator Dashboard. This is where you can add and edit Affiliates—what percentage of your commission they will receive, which products they can earn referral credits for, and whether they are Active or not.

Step 2: Add a New Affiliate

Click the New Affiliate button in the top right of the Affiliate view. Enter the email address of your new affiliate, and select the percentage that you would like them to receive from your products.

Note: All affiliates must be registered users on Blender Market. If the affiliate you're trying to add does not have an account, they'll need to sign up first.

The default setting has the  Include all products box checked. If you want to limit the products that your new affiliate can earn a percentage on, just uncheck the box and select your affiliate-approved products by hand from the dropdown menu. 

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