Managing Affiliate Products

As a creator, you control which products you want to allow affiliate referrals for. Affiliates may only refer customers and earn a commission on the products that you specify. 

Granting Affiliate Permissions

In the Affiliate section of your Creator Dashboard, you may specify individual products for which affiliates can earn referral credit. Alternatively, you can enable Include All Products. If you enable All Products, your approved affiliates can earn a percentage of every sale completed as a result of their referral, for any of your products. 

New Affiliate Product Selection

You can select some or all products when you are setting up a new affiliate. If you uncheck Include all products, a dropdown will appear that will enable you to select a specific product. To add multiple products, just click the Add Product button until you have as many as you would like. To remove a product, click the X that appears below the product name.

Existing Affiliate Product Selection

If you already have an affiliate in your system and you just want to change what products they can earn referral commissions from, start by clicking the Edit button next to their name on the main Affiliate page of your Creator Dashboard.

Once on their settings page, you can change the product settings just like you would if you were setting up a new affiliate.

If you would temporarily (or permanently) like to prevent an affiliate from earning referral commissions off of your products, simply uncheck the Active box. 

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