How to Manage Existing Affiliates

You may want to edit, deactivate, or delete affiliates from time to time. This quick guide will show you how.

Editing Affiliate Settings

If you have already set up an affiliate and want to change:

  • the percentage that they receive from sales of your products,
  • the products that they are able to earn a referral commission from,
  • their active status

just navigate to the Affiliates tab of your Creator Dashboard and click the Edit button next to the affiliate you want to update.

Now you can adjust their rate, change the products that they can earn a percentage of, and (de)activate them. When you deactivate an affiliate, they will no longer be able to earn a commission from the sales that you make based on their referrals.

Any time you change an affiliate's rate or active status, they will be notified via email that a change has been made.

Deleting Affiliates

In some cases, you will want to clean up your Affiliate page. You may delete affiliates only if they have not made any referrals. Once an affiliate has made a referral to one of your products, they cannot be deleted from your Dashboard.

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