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How to Select a Creator Subscription

If you've recently joined Blender Market as a creator or have been here for a while, you may want to increase your commission rate and decrease the fees that you pay on each transaction. We've put together this guide meant to help you decide which subscription level is best.

Creator Subscription Levels

Here is the subscription info from our Pricing page as of 10 August 2021:

Free Basic Pro Ultimate
Monthly Charge $0 $25 $50 $150
Commission Rate 70% 80% 85% 95%
Transaction Fee $0.38 $0.38 $0.38 $0.38
Merchant Fee 4.5% 4.0% 3.5% 3.0%

As you can see, as soon as you start paying for a subscription, your merchant fees begin to decrease, and your commission rate goes up. But what does this really mean?   Have a product price in mind?  You can use our calculator to see your commission at each subscription level, but here are some examples:

Let's say you are selling a few products at different price points. Here is what you would make from the sale of each product under each subscription type. The chart assumes you are not sharing your commission with collaborators, the Blender Development Fund, or affiliates.

Product Price Free Basic Pro Ultimate
$10 $6.42 $7.38 $7.88 $8.85
$25 $16.44 $18.90 $20.18 $22.68
$48 $31.82 $36.56 $39.05 $43.87
$72 $47.87 $54.99 $58.74 $65.99
$115 $76.61 $88.02 $94.00 $105.61

How to Choose a Subscription

We would all love to earn a 95% commission. But if you're just getting started and you're not sure how quickly your products are going to fly off the proverbial shelves, we recommend starting at the Free level. You will not have invested any money in a subscription and are at no risk of earning less than you have paid for a subscription.

But maybe you have an established Blender Market creator account and know your usual monthly sales? Or are new to Blender Market but have an established product that you're sure will do well? In this case, compare the cost of each of the plans to your monthly earnings. 

Here are approximate monthly dollar amounts at which subscriptions start paying for themselves. Essentially, they are the points where what you save in fees and make in extra commission (as compared to the Free plan), meets or exceeds the cost of your subscription. Keep in mind that the exact amounts will vary based on your product pricing and fees. 

  • Basic Subscription: $250
  • Pro Subscription: $330
  • Ultimate Subscription: $590

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