How To Email Customers

Need to tell your customers about a new update you just published on the site, or about a new product you just came out with? You can email all your customers, who have purchased any of your products, via our Customer Email System.

Preparing Your Email to Customers

The Customer Email System is located in the  Email Customers tab of your Creator Dashboard. To create a new email, simply click the New Email button on the right side of the email window. 


You'll then select the product whose purchasers you would like to contact. If you have multiple products in your store, you will need to select the one you want via the Product dropdown.

Compose Your Subject and Content

Be sure to add a short but informative Subject line. Use the Content section to compose and format your email. 

If you would like to save your work and come back later, you can save your email draft using the Save Draft button to the right of the Product and Subject fields. A draft can only be saved once you have added information to all required fields.

Sending Your Email

When you have finished composing your email and are ready to send it, just toggle on the Save & Send switch to the right of the Product field, and click the Save & Send button immediately below the switch.

Respecting User Privacy 

Because of the General Data Protection Regulation, we can no longer email users who have not consented to Creator Email Marketing. Users may opt-in by accessing their Privacy Center. First-time customers are provided with an option at checkout to consent to creator email marketing.

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