Setting Up Creator Coupons

Coupons allow you to offer discounts to customers by sharing a unique code that the customer may enter at the time of purchase. Coupons can be used to boost new product sales, reward returning customers, or invite new business (among other things). They're a good tool for drawing attention to your product(s) and encouraging shop growth.

Coupons are available with an active Creator Subscription. Learn more by clicking here.

Creating a Coupon

To create a coupon, visit the Coupons tab in your Creator Dashboard. As long as your subscription is active, you will have the option to edit an existing coupon or create a new one. 

Coupon Options

All coupons require a few parameters, while also supporting optional restrictions. 

  • Code 
    • This is the unique code of your choosing that customers will enter at checkout. 
    • Only alphanumeric values are allowed. For customer ease-of-use, we recommend making codes all lowercase, using a combination of letters and, if needed, numbers. 
    • No spaces or special characters are permitted. 
  • Description
    • Use the description space to describe the discount that you are offering, and what product(s) it applies to.
  • Coupon Type: Percent or Flat Rate
    • Discount Percent 
      • The Percent discount gives customers a percentage discount (e.g., 20% off) on selected items in your store.
      • Enter the discount in percent (e.g., "20") that you want to offer to your customers.
    • Discount Flat Rate
      • The Flat Rate discount gives customers a fixed discount (e.g., $1.15 off) on items in your store.
      • Enter the discount in number of cents (in USD) that you want to offer to your customers. For example, a value of "115" is 115 cents, which is equal to $1.15.
  • Note 100% discounts are not supported and break the system. The max discount allowed is 99% or a flat rate resulting in a purchase of $1.  If you want to gift a product to a product tester or Affiliate, contact [email protected]  Be sure to include the email address of the user's Blender Market account and the exact product being gifted (including any specific variant).

  • Max Uses
    • Total redemptions allowed; the coupon will become invalid once the maximum number of redemptions has been met.
    • If you want to allow unlimited uses of your coupon, simply enter zero ("0") as the value.

    Note: Max Uses is equivalent to the number of completed sales for which you wish to allow your code to be redeemed. It does not equal the number of products that can be purchased using your coupon code. For example, a customer may purchase 2 or 3 of your discounted product(s) in one sale and it will count as one use, or one redemption, of the code.  

  • Start Date
    • The date on which the coupon will become valid.
    • Coupons activate, starting at 00:00 CDT on the day that you select.
  • Expires At (End Date)
    • The date on which the coupon will become invalid.
    • Coupons expire at 23:59 CDT on the day that you select.

Add Products

You must specify at least one product for each coupon you create. The coupon will be valid for redemption only on the product(s) that you indicate, including any specified variations that you choose to include in the promotion. 

Add Required Products

Specifying Required Products is optional, but it enables you to set prior purchase requirements in order for the coupon to be valid. This option is helpful for offering things like discounts on upgrades from one product variation to another.

For example, you may require that a customer has previously purchased Product A in order to use a coupon on Product B. 

Note: The required product has to have been purchased prior to the product for which the coupon is valid. The coupon code will not work if a customer attempts to buy both products in the same transaction. From the example above, your customer must have Product A in their purchase history in order for the coupon on Product B to work.

Create Coupon

Once you have filled out the discount information and selected the product(s) to which the coupon applies, click the Create Coupon button at the bottom of the page. Your coupon will now appear on the main Coupons window of your Creator Dashboard. 

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