Offering Free Products

How to Add a Free Product 

Creating a free product is as simple as following the instructions to add a product to your shop.  In this case, you simply list the price as $0.00 to offer the product free of charge.

Requirements and Functionality for Free Products

Product Guidelines

Free products are subject to the rest of the general product requirements and guidelines as products you are selling, including the 5GB limit on file size.

Blender Market Subscription

You must have an active Blender Market subscription to offer free products.  This feature is not available to Creators at the free level.  If your subscription lapses, your customers will see a message that the free product is not currently available.  You will also see a similar message on your product form notifying you if your subscription has lapsed and the free product is no longer available.

Customer Tracking

Free products will register in the system as a "purchase" that will be reflected in the purchase history badge when the customer contacts you via the Blender Market inbox for support.  We expect that as a creator you will still want to offer the same quality support to customers of your free product as you will for the products they will hopefully purchase from you in the future.  That said, if you offer the same product as a paid version, you can check the purchase history to validate the charge.

Possible Uses

Trial Versions

Offer a free version of your product as a trial with other paid upgraded versions available for purchase.

Be sure to explore the Automatic Product Upgrades to learn more about how customers can upgrade between different versions of your product at just the difference in cost for what they previously paid.

Launch Marketing

You can choose to offer your product for free for a limited time at launch to help get it in the hands of users and spread word of mouth marketing while racking up reviews and ratings on your product page.  

Grow Your Audience

Offer one of your products for free to help grow your audience and introduce you, your products and your customer service to the Blender community.

100% Off Coupon

Along with the ability to offer free products comes the option to offer 100% off coupons.  These can be valuable to gift products to Affiliates or run a promotion that awards the product to a select number of winners.  Learn more about creating coupons codes here.

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