Creator Policy

Blender Market is a marketplace where you can offer your Blender goods directly to buyers around the world. Our goal is to help you succeed and earn a living with your work.  We want to make sure purchasing from your Blender Market shop is a positive experience for you and your customers. Read on to find out more about your rights, as well as what is expected of you, as a Creator.
This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By opening a Blender Market shop, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use
  1. Shop Basics
    a. What can be sold on Blender Market
    b. What can't be sold on Blender Market
    c. Managing your Blender Market shop
    d. Creator Standards
    e. Subscription Fees
  2. Being a Member of the Blender Market Community
    a. Creating and Uploading Content
    b. Communication Standards
  3. Feedback, Disputes, and Your Success
    a. Reviews
    b. Your Creator Account and Blender Market’s Terms
1. Shop Basics
Keeping in mind these basic requirements will set you up for success on Blender Market.
a. What can be sold on Blender Market?
Blender Market is a unique marketplace dedicated entirely to Blender products. Buyers come here to purchase items that they might not find anywhere else. Everything listed for sale on Blender Market must be original work.
You agree that:
  1. All products are made or designed by you.  You are allowed to collaborate with a partner or partners who assist you with creation of original work.
  2. You are using your own images or video content which accurately represents the product and its use—not stock photos, images not created by or representing the use of the product, catalogue images, or photos used by other sellers or sites. 
b.  What Can't be Sold on Blender Market
All listings must offer an item for sale. You may not create a Blender Market listing for the purpose of sharing a referral code, posting a want ad, or similar activity that does not offer a digital item for sale.
Reselling is not allowed on Blender Market. Reselling refers to listing an item that you were not involved in designing or making.
Keep in mind that members may flag listings that appear to violate our policies for Blender Market's review. Blender Market may remove any listings that violate our policies. Blender Market may also suspend or terminate your account for any violations and revoke any earnings or commissions associated with the account.
c. Managing your Blender Market Shop
Your shop represents you and your business to the Blender community. It’s important that you, your items and your shop are honestly and accurately represented.
By creating a shop on Blender Market, you agree that you will:
  1. Provide honest, accurate information on your Product Page.
  2. Ensure your shop content, such as any text, photos or videos used to represent yourself, your shop or your listings, abide by Blender Market’s policies, including our Anti-Discrimination policy.
  3. Accurately represent your items in listings and listing photos.
  4. Respect the intellectual property of others. If you feel someone has violated your intellectual property rights, you can report it to Blender Market.
  5. Not create duplicate shops or take any other action (such as manipulating clicks, carts or sales) for the purpose of shilling, manipulating search or circumventing Blender Market’s policies.
  6. Not coordinate pricing with other sellers.
d. Creator Standards
By listing a product on Blender Market you understand and agree that you are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations for the products, including any required licensing. Blender Market assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, labeling, or content of your listings.
Meeting Service Level Standards
As a Creator, you must provide great customer service and maintain trust with your buyers. Blender Market may reach out to you if your shop fails to meet Blender Market’s Creator standards.
By setting up a shop on Blender Market, you agree to:
  1. Have uploaded product files to be deliverable upon completion of the transaction.
  2. Respond to messages in a timely manner.
  3. Honor the commitments you make in your product page.
  4. Resolve disagreements or disputes directly with the buyer in a professional manner. In the unlikely event that you can’t reach a resolution, Blender Market can help.  Escalate the conversation to Admin and email [email protected].
  5. Honor the Blender Market Refund Policy.
e. Subscription Fees
Creators may be charged for using some of Blender Market’s services. There are fees associated with some of the subscriptions available on Blender Market

2. Being a Member of the Blender Market Community
At Blender Market, everyone is expected to treat fellow members of the Blender Market community with respect. As a Creator, you have additional responsibilities to provide a great customer experience.
a. Creating and Uploading Content
As a member of Blender Market, you have the opportunity to create and upload a variety of content, like listings, Messages, text, photos, and videos. In order to keep our community safe and respectful, you agree that you will not upload content that is:
  1. Abusive, threatening, defamatory, or harassing.
  2. Graphic, obscene, or vulgar;
  3. In violation of someone else’s privacy or intellectual property rights; or
  4. False, deceptive, or misleading.
b. Communication Standards
With Blender Market Inbox Messages, you have the ability to communicate directly with your buyers or other Blender Market members. Messages are a great way for buyers to ask you questions about a product.
Messages may not be used for the following activities:
  1. Sending unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations, or spam;
  2. Harassing or abusing another member.
  3. Contacting someone after they have explicitly asked you not to.
  4. Interfering with a transaction or the business of another member.
  5. Exchanging personal contact, financial or other information for the purposes of evading the checkout process on Blender Market, including phone number, address, email, social media handles, external URLs, directions to purchase via another site, instructions for money transfer, etc.

Interference occurs when a member intentionally interferes with another member’s shop in order to drive away their business. Interference is strictly prohibited on Blender Market. Examples of interference include:
  1. Contacting another member via Blender Market Messages to warn them away from a particular member, shop, or item;
  2. Posting in public areas to demonstrate or discuss a dispute with another member;
  3. Purchasing from a creator for the sole purpose of leaving a negative review;
  4. Maliciously clicking on a competitor's Promoted Listings ads in order to drain that member's advertising budget, also known as "click fraud."
Any use of Blender Market Messages to harass other members is strictly prohibited. Similarly, Messages may not be used to support or glorify hatred. If you receive a Message that violates this policy, please let us know right away.
Creator Slack
Creator Slack is a public space provided by Blender Market where creators can connect, and these communication standards must be followed.   This should be a helpful and encouraging space for Creators to work together and support each other.  

3. Feedback, Disputes and Your Success
a. Reviews
Reviews are a great way for you to build a reputation on Blender Market. Customers can leave a review, including a one to five star rating and a review of your product/support. 
On any customer review, you can leave a response.
Reviews and your response to reviews may not:
  1. Contain private information;
  2. Contain graphic, mature, or obscene language or imagery;
  3. Contain hateful or derogatory language or imagery;
  4. Contain prohibited medical drug claims;
  5. Contain advertising or spam;
  6. Be about things outside the seller’s control, such as personal device limitations, Blender Market or a third party;
  7. Contain threats, harassment, or extortion;
  8. Include shilling or otherwise falsely inflate a shop’s review score; or
  9. Undermine the integrity of the Reviews system.
b. Your Shop and Blender Market’s Terms
In order to keep Blender Market safe and improve our Services, we may take actions that limit the visibility of your shop, or product page, or that impact your payment account. In the event a shop sees unusual order activity, or we otherwise believe that your actions or shop may result in buyer disputes, chargebacks, increased risk of fraud, counterfeiting, or other claims, Blender Market may take actions such as limiting visibility of your account, or placing restrictions or reserves on your payments account, in accordance with our Terms of Service, including this Policy. When appropriate and permitted by law, Blender Market will communicate information to the affected Creator about the issue.

If Blender Market has reason to believe you, your Content, or your use of the services violate our terms, including this Creator Policy, we may deactivate your content or suspend or terminate your account (and any accounts Blender Market determines is related to your account) and your access to the Services. Generally, Blender Market will notify you that Your Content or account has been suspended or terminated, unless you’ve repeatedly violated our Terms or we have legal or regulatory reasons preventing us from notifying you.

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