Where to Find Your Affiliated Products

Keeping track of which products you are an Affiliate for can be challenging, particularly if you are promoting several products. To see a complete list of the Creators who have granted you Affiliate permissions, head over to the Creators tab in your Affiliate Dashboard.

Notice the black "Download as CSV" button on the left side of the tab. This button allows you to download a file that includes information on each product for which you are an Affiliate.

Below the download button, you have the following fields:

  • Created At, which indicates when a Creator initially added you as their Affiliate
  • Creator, which is the person or organization who makes the products that you promote
  • Active, the values for which can be either "True" or "False" and indicate whether the Creator is allowing you to earn referrals at the moment.
  • Rate, which is the percentage of the Creator's initial commission that you will receive for successful referrals
  • Products provides a link to the products to which you have been added as an Affiliate. Clicking this link will show you a different view of the same tab. Products are listed one after the other without punctuation or conjunctions (e.g., "and"). In the example below, you can see two products: RetopoFlow - Retopology Tools for Blender and Brick and Tile Shader & Texture Pack.

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