How to Understand Referrals Data

If a user visits a product on Blender Market via your link and proceeds to purchase any product that you are affiliated with on Blender Market, then a referral will be created for you. The Referrals tab logs each referral that is attributed to you. 

This quick guide is intended to help you read and understand your referral data.

Your Referrals

This number indicates how many successful referrals you have made. 

Your unpaid referrals

This amount, shown in US dollars, indicates how much you will be paid for your referrals the next time Affiliate payments are disbursed (the first business day of each month). It is identical to the "Upcoming Referral Payout" box at the bottom of the Dashboard tab.


The Date field displays the date that a visitor made a purchase after following your affiliate link.

Visit GUID

The GUID field is a unique identifier for each visit and is auto-generated.


The Product(s) field displays the product for which you have earned a referral. 


The Status field indicates whether you have received payment for your referral yet or not. If you have received payment for the referral, "paid" appears, and if you will receive payment for your referral, "unpaid" appears.


The Amount field shows how much you earned from each successful referral. To see the aggregate amount of referrals for which you have yet to be paid, check out the "Your unpaid referrals" amount at the top of the Referrals page or the "Upcoming Referral Payout" box at the bottom of the Dashboard tab.

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