Generating Referrals

As an Affiliate, you have the opportunity to drive traffic toward great product creators on Blender Market and to make money doing it. This article explores how and where to integrate affiliate links.

Your Affiliate ID

Your affiliate ID can be found in your Affiliate Dashboard at the top of the Dashboard Tab. This unique ID number is what will identify you as the source of the referral, so it is important to include it when you are linking to any of the products for which you can earn referral credits. 

When adding your affiliate ID to a product link, you will want to add "?ref=**" at the end of the URL. The asterisks, in this case, would be where you want to put your affiliate ID. 

For example, if your affiliate ID were 9845 and you were referring someone to Retopoflow, the link you would use would be:

Where to Refer

Anywhere you can add a link, you can add an affiliate link. This includes blog articles, YouTube video descriptions or comments, ArtStation posts, Instagram or Facebook posts, and more. 

If a customer clicks on your affiliate link and then proceeds to purchase a product that you are an Affiliate for from the Creator within 14 days of clicking the link, then you'll earn a referral. Only the products the Creator has granted you access to are eligible for referrals. 

How to Track Your Referrals

To see the sales that complete as a result of your referrals, select the Referrals tab of your Affiliate Dashboard.

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