Becoming an Affiliate

Get An Invite From a Creator

To become an affiliate of Blender Market, you must first be invited by a Creator. Any active Creator can invite you to become an affiliate, as long as you have a user account on Blender Market. 

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How can you secure a Creator invite? If you haven't already reached out to a Creator about becoming their affiliate, the best approach is to ask them directly by clicking Contact Creator on their shop page and sending them a message.

For tips on how to approach Creators about promoting their products, check out this article.

Start Referring and Earning

Once a Creator has agreed to add you as an Affiliate, they can follow our guide to get you set up.

As soon as a Creator adds you to their product(s), you will receive an email with the details and may then start referring potential customers to their product.

You can view the products for which you are receiving referral credits in your Affiliate Dashboard, under the Creators tab.

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