How to Understand Visits Data

If you would like to see how many potential customers have clicked one of your Blender Market referral links—and whether those visits led to sales, head to the Visits tab in your Affiliate Dashboard. 

This quick article describes what each of the columns in the Visits tab of your Affiliate Dashboard means.

Your visits

The number just above the main chart indicates how many visitors have arrived at Blender Market via one of your links.


The Date field displays the date that a visitor followed your affiliate link.


The GUID field is a unique identifier for each visit and is auto-generated.


The URL refers to the URL that a visitor followed to get to Blender Market. This information may sometimes be absent because browser settings may prevent it from being logged.


The referrer is the host name of the referring site. This information may be missing because individuals' browser settings can prevent it from being logged.


If clicking on an affiliate link leads to a sale, that is called a conversion. The Converted? column indicates whether a particular visit resulted in a sale. "Yes" means that the visit did result in a sale, and "no" means that it did not.

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