Account Settings

Account Settings are where you can find, change, and add all of the important specific-to-you information on Blender Market.


When you first created your Blender Market account, you had to supply a name and email. As a result, these fields will have been automatically filled in when you look at your Account tab.

Other optional fields:

  • Avatar: This image (400 x 400 px, JPG) appears in your account menu and next to any product reviews that you write.
  • Company name: Are you a business owner or purchasing products on behalf of a business? You can write your company name in this section.
  • Address: The address that you enter here will appear on purchase invoices below your name and company name.
  • Country: This field will appear on your purchase invoices, if you fill it in.
  • Time Zone: This field primarily affects product Creators. It will have no effect on your experience as a customer on Blender Market.
  • Tax ID / VAT #: Your Tax ID or VAT number will also appear on purchase invoices.

This screen is also where you can change your password. Any changes that you make to the account tab need to be confirmed by re-entering your password prior to saving the update.


The Orders tab is where you can see all of the purchases you have made, access file downloads, and retrieve invoices. Click here for more info on navigating your Order History.

Email Subscriptions

The Email Subscriptions settings have been relocated to the Consents tab, part of your Blender Market Privacy Center.

Wish List

The Wish List is where you will find products that you have bookmarked. You can click on the product to be taken to its Product Page, or select Remove From List to (surprise!) remove a particular product from your Wish List.

Privacy Center

The Privacy Center contains four subheadings: Settings, Consents, Download Data, Explore Data.


This first section allows you to quickly and easily access Blender Market's Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Cookie Policy. This is also where you can delete your account, if need be.


The Consents menu allows you to control the information that you receive from and share with Blender Market.

Mandatory consents are the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you wish to use Blender Market, you must accept those agreements.

Optional consents include:

  • Marketing Emails: Marketing emails are sent out about once a week and they include information on cool new products, upcoming sales, and more. 
  • Creator Newsletter: The Creator Newsletter opt-in will be available to you if you are a Creator. This newsletter is sent occasionally, whenever there is a bit of important news that affects how you run your shop or manage your products.
  • Creator Emails: Opting-in to Creator Emails allows the creators from whom you have bought products to contact you. They will typically email if they are releasing new products, product updates, or want to share a discount code with you, their loyal customer.
  • Statistics: By consenting to give us access to your user statistics, you enable us to use your anonymous usage data to improve Blender Market.

Download Data

You can download your data—things like product information, purchase information, user information, and Wish List. Data are delivered as individual CSV files and, if you are a Creator, product files (images, videos, and Blender files).

Explore Data

The Explore Data section provides an at-a-glance look at all of your account information. This information includes things like your email, username, sign-in counts, and account statistics.

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