How to Find Your Order History

Locating your order history is easy. Just hover over your avatar and name in the top right corner of any Blender Market page and select Orders. You should see something like this (but with the names of products that you have purchased):

  • The Date field indicates the date that you purchased the product.
  • The ID field is your Order ID/Invoice # and can also be found in your purchase receipt. 
  • The Product field shows the name of the product you purchased and is hyperlinked to the product's sale page. 
  • The Amount field displays the price that you paid for the product.
  • The Downloads field links to a page where you can (re-)download the product that you purchased.
  • The Receipt field allows you to view and download the invoice for that product's sale.
Note: To locate your Transaction ID, you must find your email purchase confirmation (Subject: Your Receipt). The Transaction ID is located immediately below the Order ID near the bottom of the email. Alternately, the filename of your receipt PDF is your Transaction ID.

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