Creator Application: Product Proposal and Review

One of the most important parts of your Blender Market Creator application is the Product Proposal. This section, along with your portfolio, is what distinguishes you as a creator and provides us with a firm idea of what you would like to sell on Blender Market. 

Does your Product Proposal limit what you will be able to sell once you become a creator? Not at all. If you decide at some point that you want to start creating textures in addition to the training videos that you were already producing and selling, that's fine. But, to begin with, we need you to paint a picture of what sorts of products you will initially be selling.

What to Include in Your Product Proposal

Make your proposal clear, thorough, and to-the-point. Address:

  • What type of products you make (e.g., assets, add-ons, training)
  • The subcategory (or subcategories) of your products (e.g., nature, archviz)
  • How you want to price your products (e.g., $0–20, $20–60)

How We Review Product Proposals

When we review your proposals, we are asking ourselves the following questions:

  • Do the types of products mentioned in your Product Proposal also appear in your Portfolio?
  • Did you use good spelling and grammar (i.e., do you pay attention to detail and presentation)?

That's it! There's no magic or mystery. Just make sure that your Product Proposal and Portfolio are in sync and you have checked your spelling and grammar.

Learn more about How to Create a Portfolio.

Good luck with your application, and we hope that you join us soon as a Blender Market Creator.

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