Why You Should Sell Your Products on Blender Market

A Huge Customer Base

Blender Market has built a very strong, vibrant community. We have over 125,000 monthly unique visitors, and average 1,000,000 page views per month. This active community is key to exposing your products to the world on day one.

No Exclusivity Rules

We also don't limit you in the same way that many other markets do. There are no exclusivity rules and no super-duper StaleMate club to get a higher commission rate.

Minimum 70% Commission on Every Sale

You can make a minimum of 70% commission, and up to 95% commission, on every sale you make. 

Note: Commission rates will vary according to your subscription level. To learn more about subscriptions and their reduced commission rates and fees, check out our subscription Pricing page.

Easily Support the Blender Development Fund

If that wasn't enough, we are part of this community—we love Blender just as much as you do. We support Blender and now you can, too. For each of your products, you have an option to automatically contribute a portion of your profits directly to the Blender Development Fund. You just specify how much you wish to give (if any), and we'll do the rest.

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