Creator Product Refund FAQs

This article is meant to answer common questions that Creators have about how refunds are handled. To see the Blender Market Refund Policy in full, visit the Product Refund Policy page.

Is there a limit to the period in which customers can request refunds?

Customers have 30 days from the date of their purchase to request a refund. After 30 days, their purchase cannot be refunded.

For what reasons can customers get refunds?

Customers can be granted refunds in instances of:

  • accidental purchase: for example, an item that they forgot to remove from their cart before they checked out with other items. Bulk orders do not qualify as accidental, nor do purchases that have been downloaded by the customer.
  • misrepresented products: products that promise one thing and deliver another
  • malfunctioning products: products that do not work as they should

For what reasons can customers NOT get refunds?

Customers are not entitled to refunds when:

  • they don't know how to use the product
  • the product went on sale after they purchased it and they want to get a refund for the difference

What should I do if I can't come to an agreement with a customer?

If you and a customer disagree about whether a refund should be issued, please escalate the matter to an Admin.

Can I dispute a refund?

Yes, if you feel the customer shouldn't be entitled to a refund you can always escalate a refund request to an Admin to moderate.

Can a customer dispute my denying them a refund?

Yes, in the same way that you can escalate a refund dispute to the Blender Market team, so can customers.

Can a customer get a refund if they haven't contacted me?

Customers must contact Creators in order to start the refund process. If they email the Blender Market team without having contacted you first, we will redirect them to you.

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