Blender Development Fund Donations

Blender Market is a project from the crew behind CG Cookie. CG Cookie's mission is to support independent artists while being a force for good in the community. What better way to live up to that mission than by creating a source of income for Creators on the site and contributing to Blender's development? When Blender improves and succeeds, Blender Market Creators and the Market itself are given the opportunity to succeed.

Video editing, sculpting tools, next-generation texturing, rendering speed-ups, node-based procedural workflow, the list of wanted features for Blender is endless. How to add these? 

It all starts with core development: allowing a team of full-time software engineers to focus on developing and maintaining a stable and well documented codebase. This is the foundation for any new feature or improvement and it is essential for the survival and the growth of the project.

The community is the driving force behind Blender development. For over 15 years Blender has been an excellent example of public and community-driven project, enabling millions of users to create 3D content with a free tool.

In order to keep up with a growing user-base and meet new ambitious goals, Blender needs direct community support more than ever.

To learn more about how to donate to the Blender Development Fund, click here.

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