There are many reasons you might need to update your product details. Whether the product needs changes while in the review stage, or perhaps you have a new version of the product, or maybe you need to adjust the price. All of these updates are fast and easy to do.

Updating your product

To update your products, navigate to your My Products Page.

Once on your Products page, find the product you would like to edit and click the Edit button. This will take you to the Product Submission Form that you filled out when first submitting the product. Here you can change any details associated with the product, including title, description, price, documentation, and of course the actual product files. To navigate through the various sections of the upload form click the box that you would like to edit to expand that section.

Note: once your product has been accepted for sale, subsequent updates are not monitored. It is your responsibility to maintain your product adequately. Maintaining your product may include updating the files for changes in Blender, updating the documentation for better user support, etc.

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