Each time you sell a product we record a commission for you, based on your commission rate at the time of the sale. Your commission rate is 70%, unless you have opt'd for a subscription, in which case your commission rate may be as high as 95%.

The formula to calculate your earning is is this:
(price - (price * merchant_fee) - transaction_fee) * commission_rate = your earnings 

 If you are contributing a portion of your earnings to the Blender Development Fund or to Collaborators then those amounts will be calculated as a percentage of your commission, leaving you with the remainder. 

For example a 5% Dev Fund contribution works like this (based off above formula):
Your earning: commission - (commission * 0.05) 

The same goes for each Collaborator, their earnings will be subtracted from your initial commission.

These commissions are then added up each month and paid out via your chosen payout method. Read more here: https://support.blendermarket.com/selling/how-and-when-do-we-get-paid

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