General Product Guidelines

As a Creator on the Blender Market we do require certain guidelines be followed before a product can be published on the marketplace. What follows is a very basic list of the minimum requirements and some general guidelines for your products.

Ensure all assets are yours to sell, either as original creations or adequately licensed. Make sure to properly credit any open source material used in your models.

All model, textures, shaders, etc must be Render Ready, meaning a user should be able to purchase your product, download it, open it in Blender, hit Render and see basically what they see in your product images. 

Model Requirements

  • All objects in your blend should have a logical name, including meshes, materials, textures, armatures, bones, scenes etc. here's a great example of good organization within a Blender file

  • Orphan textures, materials, meshes should be removed from the final blend.
  • Please make sure your link paths are set to relative paths.

  • Have at a minimum 5 render images, 3 beauty shot renders and 2 wireframes are a pretty good combination. Images should be at least 1200px wide PNG or JPG image.
  • Name your blend scenes
  • Make sure all textures are either packed within the blend file or in a texture folder that accompanies the blend file.
  • If you use an HDRI in your blend, it must be packed and licensed so it can be redistributed. HDRI Haven has many great HDRI's that are licensed under CC0 so you can redistribute them safely. 

Name your blend logically:

Make sure your blend file is named in a logical manner a couple great ways to name your blend would be:

  • ProductName_Version.blend
  • BlenderMarket_ProductName.blend
  • ProductName.blend

Suggested File Structure Options:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Create a help document:

All files should have documentation that clearly and thoroughly explains the use of the product. This can be a pdf, doc, or HTML file. This should be detailed enough so a user can open and start using your blend right away. A tutorial on how to use your blend is highly suggested. For some blends, this will be very simple, for other blends like characters with rigs you should have more in-depth instructions.

Add-on Requirements:

  • Please provide installation instructions for your addon, this can be included in your general documentation.
  • Please provide general documentation on how to use your addon. This should be detailed enough so a user can install and start using your product right away.
  • A tutorial on how to use your addon is highly suggested.

We do require you to offer a basic level of support for your products. As numerous marketplaces have shown more support usually translates into more sales.

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