How to Use the Inbox

Your Blender Market Inbox is the central location for all communications on Blender Market—it is where you can contact Creators and the Blender Market support team. Your Inbox is located in your Account menu, at the top right corner of any Blender Market page (except the Help Desk).

Reply by Email

You can now use your preferred email client to reply to any message you receive in your Blender Market Inbox. When you receive an email notification that a message has been added to your Blender Market Inbox, you can reply to the email directly and your email message will be added automatically to the Blender Market Inbox conversation. 

Note: Attachments are currently not supported when replying via email. They are supported when adding a message to a conversation, with a limit of 5MB.

Escalating a Message to Admins

Anyone can escalate a conversation to an admin. If you would like an admin to take a look at a conversation or add their input to your conversation, just select Escalate to Admin from the menu at the top right corner of the conversation. 

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