Passwords and Account Security

Your account security is important to us. We take steps to secure your information, but it's important that you do the same. Here are some best practices to follow that will help keep your Blender Market account (and your other accounts, too) safe.

Select a Unique Password

Choosing a unique password for each site that you log in to will prevent a compromised password on one account from affecting your other accounts.

How do you keep track of these unique passwords when there are so many passwords to keep track of? We recommend using a password manager. Some browsers or operating systems have them built-in, but there are also apps and browser add-ons that you can download (e.g., LastPass) to help you juggle it all.

Select a Complex Password

Selecting a complex password will help prevent someone from hacking into your account.

The easiest way to select a complex password is to allow your password manager to generate one for you. If you prefer to create your passwords yourself, here are some tips:

  1. Make it at least 15 characters.
  2. Use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  3. Avoid dictionary words and don't use keyboard substitutions (e.g., 3 instead of E, 5 instead of S).
Want to change your Blender Market password? Here's how.

Promoting Strong Password Usage

To help make your account more secure, when you register we detect whether or not the password that you're entering has been involved in a past breach. 

We're utilizing the Have I Been Pwned API service, supported by the world's largest internet security infrastructure provider, Cloudflare. This service holds a database of half a billion compromised passwords. If your password happens to match this, we'll warn you and prompt you to choose a stronger password.

We do not send your password in plain text while checking for compromised passwords.

For more technical information, see this post by Cloudflare.

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