Password Tips

When registering an account for the Blender Market, you'll be prompted to create a password. At minimum, your password should contain a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. It should not be easy to remember! If you can remember your password, chances are that it is not strong enough. 

Here are some examples of some recommended passwords via Google Help:

Use a Password Manager

Password managers like 1Password work really well at generating strong and secure passwords. But such is life, there are folks who use the same passwords for every site, and the password wasn't automatically generated. 

These passwords are generally insecure and should not be used. 

Promoting Strong Password Usage

To help make your account more secure, when you register we detect whether or not the password that you're entering has been involved in a past breach. 

We're utilizing the Have I Been Pwned API service, supported by the worlds largest internet security infrastructure provider Cloudflare. This service holds a database of half a billion compromised passwords. If your password happens to match this, we'll warn you and prompt you to choose a stronger password.

We do not send your password in plain text while checking for compromised passwords.

For more technical information see this post by Cloudflare:

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