How Blender Market Sales Work

Knowing how the Blender Market purchase process works will help you understand the customer checkout experience and better equip you to answer questions that your customers might haveā€”even if that just means knowing when to refer them to the Blender Market support team.

Add to Cart

To add a product to their cart, the customer must click the Purchase button at the top of the product page. When this button is clicked, the product is added to their cart and a box pops up that prompts the customer to either continue shopping or view their cart.

Cart Review

If the customer clicks View Cart, they will be able to see what is in their cart and either:

  • Save Cart to WishList (black button, top right).
  • Remove the product from their cart.
  • Keep Shopping (white button).
  • Continue to Checkout (orange button).
  • Look at other products that may appeal to them. This section is populated with products that have similar tags and categories to one of the products in the customer's cart. 

Customers also have the ability to click through to your shop page, view search results for the category of your product, and view search results for the license type of your product.


The 30-day money-back guarantee is mentioned at the top of the page. The order summary (products, price, and total sale amount) appears on the right, along with any information about a Blender Development Fund donation. 

If customers have a Creator Coupon (aka discount code), they can click on Click to enter it, and a box for the code will pop up.

Finally, customers can check out and pay with either PayPal or a credit card.

PayPal Checkout Credit Card Checkout

Purchase Confirmation

After your customer has entered their payment information and everything has processed, an order confirmation page will load. 

This page provides their downloadable product file, allows them to review their order history, and provides a link to their inbox in case they want to get in touch with you with a support request.

We also provide our support email request in case they need assistance with a platform, rather than product-level, issue.

Purchase Notification and Transaction Info

Once a customer has purchased a product, a box will appear beneath the purchase button on that product's product page to indicate to the customer that they have previously purchased the product.

If the customer visits the Orders tab in their account, they can see their purchase details, download the product file, and download a PDF of the sales receipt.

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