Creator Resources

The best Blender Market Creator resource is where you are right now: Creator Help. This is where you can find articles on a range of topics that pertain to your products, your shop, and growing your business. There are, however, other resources that we encourage you to take advantage of. Read on for details.

Creator Help

Creator Help is the go-to resource for everything you need to know as a Blender Market Creator.

  • Blender Market Basics: Check here for articles that will help you get started on Blender Market, and that will serve as references even after you and your shop are more established on the platform.
  • Products: This category includes a wealth of information about how to effectively manage your products.
  • Revenue and Earnings: How much will you get paid? When will you get paid? Answer these questions and more in the Revenue and Earnings category.
  • Analytics and Data: If you want to learn how to assess your sales and earnings data to make decisions about products and marketing, this is the place.
  • Growing Your Business: Want to reach more customers and sell more products? This category has loads of tips to help you reach new levels of success.
  • Supporting Your Customers: Strong customer service is the foundation of any great business—we have some solid strategies for you.
  • Licenses: Not sure which license to choose for your product? Look here for comparisons and detailed descriptions.
  • Taxes: VAT and 1099s. If either of those sound familiar—and are something you need to account for—take a look.
  • Legal: Blender Market Creator Terms of Use + Privacy Policy
  • Privacy and Security: Topics related to account security and information privacy.

Blender Market Blog

The Blender Market Blog is the spot to catch up on Blender Market news, read inspiring stories about other Blender Market Creators, and collect pro tips from Blender Market's top-selling Creators.

The Help Beacon

In the bottom right corner of all Blender Market pages (except Creator Help), you will see a little orange Help button:

This box gives you immediate access to the articles in the Help Desk (via Answers) and enables you to ask questions of the Blender Market team without having to navigate to Contact Us (via Ask).

Access to Creator Help Access to the Blender Market Team

Creator Slack

As a Blender Market Creator, you have access to the Blender Market Creator Slack. It is the place to collaborate and connect with other product creators when you have ideas, questions, suggestions, or are running into problems. It is also your direct link to us, the Blender Market team—you can ask questions, request features, and stay up-to-date on news.

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