How to Customize Your Profile

An important part of becoming a successful creator on Blender Market is establishing your brand image. This process can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, but at the very least you should customize your Blender Market profile. If you don't, your shop will display the shop name that you chose, but your banner and avatar will be the default and your shop will not display a description or links to social media.

To get started, click this My Account link, or, click on your name at the top right corner of the Blender Market homepage. 

The items in this article are all customer-facing settings that will appear in your Blender Market shop and on your product pages.

Step 1: My Account Settings

Once you have navigated to your main account settings, you will be adding or changing your Avatar. Make sure to save any changes before you leave the account settings page.

Add an Avatar

Your avatar is the visual clue that will help customers connect with and remember you. They will see it on each of your product pages and at the top of your Blender Market shop. If you want to create a consistent look for your brand across platforms, you can set it to be the same as the avatar/profile image that you use for social media.

The avatar that you choose can be a photograph, your logo, or an image that points to your specialty as a creator. Just make sure that it's 400 x 400 pixels, and JPG format.

Save Your Changes

Don't forget to enter your current password and click on Update Info before you navigate away from your changes.

Step 2: Shop Settings

Now we move to Shop Settings, which you can find under Settings in your Creator Dashboard. This is where you can change the look of your shop page, and the information provided in the sidebar on product pages.

Add a Description

Your description is what will summarize you as a creator and let customers know what sorts of things they will find in your shop. The following questions might help you craft your description: What kinds of products do you create? What do you value? Why do you create? Is there anything that you want customers to know about you, your products, or what's new? Be sure to check your spelling and punctuation.

Change Your Shop Name and Slug

Your shop name is what appears at the top of your shop page and the product page sidebar, and your shop slug is what shows up at the end of the URL for your creator shop. For example, CG Cookie's shop name is CG Cookie and the slug is cgcookie. Here is what the slug looks like on their Blender Market shop page:

You may have added a temporary shop slug when you applied to be a creator. If this is the case, or if you have changed your mind about what you want your shop slug to be, you can change it in Shop Settings.

If you change your shop slug, it will change the URL of your shop. You will need to change any existing links to your Blender Market shop, e.g., on your website or social media profiles, to prevent customers from clicking on the links and being redirected to the Blender Market homepage.

Add Shop Links


A link to your website will display below your shop name on the product page sidebar. It does not appear on your shop page.

Twitter and Facebook URLs

Linked social media icons will appear below your description on your shop page if you add their URLs. For them to link correctly, you must paste the entire URL (for example,, and not just your Twitter or Facebook handle.

Banner Image

The banner image is what appears above the shop name and description, at the top of your shop page. You may want to pick an image that is representative of your products, or perhaps something eye-catching that will encourage customers to scroll down and see what you sell.

The image should be 1200px by 330 px, either JPG or PNG, and <5MB.

Save Shop Settings

Be sure to click the orange Save Shop Settings button when you are finished updating your shop settings.

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